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 SleepTight Weighted Blanket

SleepTight Weighted Blanket
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SleepTight Weighted Blanket

Weighted Item
(Item no: ST-3880)

Price: $139.99


The Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket is designed to help your child fall asleep and stay asleep. The innovative design allows the blanket to contour around the shoulders and under the chin. Pellets are sewn into cotton bags that are inserted into each chamber. The Sleep Tight is made with 100% cotton/corduroy and filled with a non-toxic and hyperallergenic PET pellet material which is BPA and phthatlate free.

Washing/Drying Instructions: You may machine wash your blanket and dry it in the dryer on low heat or on a drying rack. For the Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes please check your washer and dryer instructions for weight recommendations. It may be better to wash these in a commercial washer and dryer.

  • XS - 5 lbs 32" wide by 36" long

  • S - 8 lbs 36" wide by 42" long

  • M - 12 lbs 42" wide by 54" long
  • L - 16 lbs 54" wide by 72" long
  • XL - 25 lbs 57" wide by 80" long

Blankets are made to order and ships within 1-3 weeks. Please include fabric choice with order, and call our store with questions!